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Our mission is to empower those who are pursuing professional music careers through teaching and coaching. You can either learn from mistakes or from mentors. We would love to be your mentors.

Song Chasers — The Complete Course

This course is a full scale, complete look at the process of writing consistent, hit, commercial songs. Songwriting is a lifestyle; let's master it.
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Music Production Mastery — The Complete Course

Learn from Grammy winning professionals and discover how to produce a hit song. Every part of the music production process is covered in detail.
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The Baby Steps Plan (PDF)

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Virtual Coffee Date with Seth Mosley

Sit down with Seth Mosley. He'll outline exactly what you should be working towards if you really want to have a successful career in music.
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Free Gift: Made It In Music Deep Dives

Get access to bonus interviews from our podcast guests where we go a little bit deeper on a music industry topic.
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Free Gift: The Song Checklist

Download this checklist to use as a resource as you are finishing a song. This checklist will help you analyze your song to make sure that it has every element of a finished, commercially viable song.
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